MTC Tech Innovation Bazaar 2023

Get ready for an electrifying collaboration! MTC (Mobile Telecommunication Company) has teamed up with NUST ICTechHub and partnered with the High-Tech Transfer Plaza Select (HTTPS) to present the MTC Tech Innovation Bazaar – an event that's set to ignite your passion for innovation.

Join us on a thrilling journey through the technological landscapes of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) as we celebrate digital inclusivity. This event is not just a showcase; it's a window into the future where groundbreaking technologies and innovations take center stage, shaping industries and changing lives.

Our mission? To unite an eclectic mix of visionaries, investors, industry titans, mentors, partners, and innovators all under one roof. The Innovation Bazaar is more than an event; it's a catalyst for collaboration and a launchpad for transformative ideas and projects.

Witness firsthand how these advancements are leveling the playing field, making sure that the benefits of innovation reach every corner of Namibia. At its core, the MTC Tech Innovation Bazaar is a hub for knowledge sharing, investment prospects, and fostering invaluable connections within the vibrant tech ecosystem. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the tech revolution and shape the future together!

Day 1 of The MTC Innovation Tech Bazaar

The vibrant atmosphere of the MTC Innovation Tech Bazaar event crackled with excitement on its first day as aspiring innovators eagerly seized the opportunity to pitch their groundbreaking ideas to a captivated audience of investors. The event buzzed with a palpable energy as each innovator took the stage, armed with passion and ingenuity. The pitches ranged from revolutionary tech solutions to transformative applications of artificial intelligence, promising to reshape industries and redefine the future. Investors attentively listened, their curiosity piqued by the potential of these innovative concepts. Day 1 of the MTC Innovation Tech Bazaar served as a stage for the convergence of creativity and investment, laying the foundation for what could be the next wave of technological advancements.

Day 2 of The MTC Innovation Tech Bazaar

Day 2 of the tech bazaar unfolded with even more fervor and anticipation, building upon the momentum generated during the initial pitches. Entrepreneurs showcased cutting-edge prototypes, captivating the audience with demonstrations of their technological prowess. The air was thick with collaboration as investors engaged in dynamic discussions with innovators, exploring potential partnerships and investment opportunities. The event had become a dynamic hub of creativity and collaboration, fostering a sense of community among tech enthusiasts.

Day 3 of The MTC Innovation Tech Bazaar

On the final day of the tech bazaar, participants experienced a diverse program reflecting the spirit of collaboration. The day started with a pitch session, emphasizing innovation without the constraints of competition. A captivating talk explored the power of narratives in promoting inclusive and sustainable communities in urban spaces. The event then shifted to a dynamic panel discussion on the next tech frontier: the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR) and beyond, unraveling the possibilities and challenges of evolving technologies. The day concluded with an award and closing session, recognizing the collective contributions of innovators. The event left participants inspired, fostering a sense of community and purpose in the journey towards a tech-driven future.