Terms and Conditions

MTC reserves the rights of entry to and use of the MTC Innovation Centre.
All use of the Innovation Centre must be pre-approved by MTC with a written introductory submission of intended use.
MTC will determine the maximum period of use of the Innovation Centre based on the submitted introduction, which period must be adhered to unless extended by MTC on request.
MTC hereby reserves Intellectual Property Rights to all ideas, results of trials and innovation as well as innovation research created within the MTC Innovation Centre, be it related to telecommunications or otherwise.
All customer information, results of trials and innovation research conducted at the Innovation Centre shall remain the property of MTC.
All users further grant MTC exclusive, non-transferable rights to the use of all ideas, trial results and innovation created within the MTC Innovation Centre.
All users hereby agree to MTC registering Intellectual Property Rights over all and any innovative ideas created, commenced and/or completed at the MTC Innovation Centre.
MTC will compensate the creators of said innovative ideas at reasonably negotiated rates
MTC may censor, block or suspend any services that MTC deems inappropriate or review any service for excessive space or bandwidth utilization.
MTC may suspend the Service at any time for any duration of time when necessary, without penalty or liability to MTC.

All Users hereby agree to indemnify and hold the MTC Innovation Centre, its sponsors, partners, directors and employees harmless from and against, and to reimburse the Centre with respect to, any and all losses, damages, liabilities, claims, judgments, settlements, fines, costs and expenses (including reasonable related expenses, legal fees, costs of investigation) arising out of or relating to your breach of these terms, any IP rights or use by you or any third party of the Services.
The use of the MTC Innovation Centre is entirely at own risk.
You can download a pdf version HERE.