UPSHIFT Social Skills

The UPSHIFT Namibia Trainer of Trainers course covered the UPSHIFT Social Skills Curriculum Phase (1) and Phase (2) facilitator manuals. This was conducted over a period of 3 weeks using face to face training, online engagement, practical assignments and progress assessments.

The idea was to train Facilitators of the UPSHIFT Namibia curriculum, who will be able to deliver training workshops with UPSHIFTERS across different contexts and settings while assuring quality delivery and the undiluted UPSHIFT ethos. The success of the UPSHIFT Namibia intervention is directly attributed to the Facilitators’ ability to equip UPSHIFTERS with marketable social innovation and social enterprise skills that are critical for employment, enterprise development and entrepreneurship.

The Facilitator’s training and preparation for this task took on a multi-faceted approach that ensured a comprehensive engagement, and the achievement of the UPSHIFT program’s targeted outcomes. Present COVID-19 national regulations which limits meetings or workshops not to run for over 2 hours was observed and adhered to.

Training’s Objectives and Outcomes were:

  • To build the resilience, and professional capacities of 12 Facilitators identified for UPSHIFT Namibia who will in the future lead the UPSHIFT Namibia curriculum delivery across different settings and contexts in Namibia.
  • To train and develop 12 Facilitators for the UPSHIFT Namibia curriculum while strengthening the UPSHIFT ecosystem by empowering it with skills and the UPSHIFT experience which can be used to further strengthen their programs.
  • To ensure the UPSHIFT process is a collaborative effort by strengthening partnerships and building a strong and empowered UPSHIFT ecosystem by identifying Facilitators from within the ecosystem of business leaders, communities and Upshifters.
  • Skills development and employment creation for Namibia


12 facilitators identified and trained to deliver the UPSHIFT Namibia curriculum in Windhoek, Khomas by 05 March 2021.

Face to Face Training

Twice weekly 2-hour face to face training to cover core UPSHIFT curriculum content over a period of 14 days. This means over 20 hours of face to face and in-depth interaction with the manual.

Practical Assignments

The facilitators conducted a practical assignment once a week to assess their facilitation skills and UPSHIFT Namibia curriculum delivery. The practical sessions were supervised by PAY.

Online Training

A 2-hour online facilitation training with a consultant was conducted once a week. This empowered them with facilitation skills and grew their capacity to run UPSHIFT sessions.

Progress Assessments

On the last week, the facilitators were scheduled in for their final assessment, and their progress was continuously monitored over a period of 14 days. The final assessment was a practical UPSHIFT curriculum delivery session with a group of adolescents and a chance to test different scenarios.


MTC Namibia, B2Gold, One Economy Foundation, UNICEF departments & UNICEF specials quests

22 February - 12 March 2021